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Beat the Heat with a big bang this weekend

Aktualisiert: 20. Juni 2019

The big bang, this is the 11th International VW veteran meeting with independent aftermarket for vehicle parts in Bad Camberg, which is taking place from 21st to 23rd of July, 2019. Enthusiasts from more than 35 nations will come to town with their wheels and Bad Camberg will be the hub of the world for the weekend. This is result of the magnificent performance of the Lottermann-family (Lottermann driving school), which is proud to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the event this year.

Lottermann VW veterans meeting in Bad Camberg (Germany)
Lottermann VW veterans meeting in Bad Camberg (Germany)

Wolfgang Erk, chairman of Wir für Bad Camberg e.V. and the representative in marketing- and media and public relations, Katja Peteratzinger, really got close to the passion and professionalism and last but not least the importance of this event for the city of Bad Camberg. Biggi and Michael Lottermann got really excited in telling how everything began and how much effort it takes today, to bring the whole community to Bad Camberg.

Wolfgang Erk as the 1st representative of the interest group of the Bad Camberg entrepreneurship invited his members to open the Bad Camberg stores until 4pm on Saturday 22nd to please all bad camberg guests and visitors of the International VW veteran meeting.

Herbie in Bad Camberg within the 11th VW veteran meeting
Herbie in town

Of course it is all about Beetle this weekend. In germany we call him “Knutschkugel” as well and ever since the Hollywood movie “Herbie” was launched, every insider knows that “Knutschkugel” has a soul and lives his own live. You better treat a beetle good, otherwise it may happen, he will get very indignant. Exceedingly nasty and rude guys will be spat on unexpectedly. You better be alerted and behave toward the protagonists of the VW beetle convention during the upcoming weekend in Bad Camberg.

Schedule 11th International VW veterans meeting
Schedule 11th International VW veterans meeting

Welcome in Bad Camberg, we are looking forward to your visit. Whether we meet on the exhibition area, downtown at our stores or our wonderful recreation areas like Kurpark, Pool or Kneipp cure places.


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